Gynecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction)

Simple Solutions for Male Breast Reduction

There are many people in the world who are suffering from gynecomastia. Male gynecomastia actually is the excessive development of the breast in males. People feel embarrassment in front of others when they want to take off their shirts on the beach or in any game. An enhanced breast suits you only if you are a body builder with good looking body. Otherwise you always feel uneasy in front of others. There are many solutions that can be applied for male breast reduction. Some of them will be discussed below. Some people go for a cosmetic surgery and the amount of patients having male gynecomastia and looking for cosmetic surgery is increasing.

People feel so much embarrassment when they try to find the solutions to get rid of man boobs. A cosmetic surgery costs from $3000-$5000 which is an expensive one and it is a minimum price of surgery. Those who cannot afford cosmetic surgery try to do hard exercise. They do thousands of pushups, bench press and other usual gym exercises. But their breast is still there and not reducing in any way. Because the bench presses exercise increases your chest rather than decreasing.

Some people who are not energetic but too much desperate about to reduce their breast take tablets. But this method also fails to show its effects and it has side effects as well. Now the question is that what is the best solution to get rid of man boobs? The answer is very simple. First solution is that you don’t have to eat anything except carrots and apium graveolens dulce throughout the day. These two things give a special type of nutrition to your body and this nutrition is not of such type that it will lose your weight. It specially focuses on reducing fatty tissues in male breast. Cookies, candies and chips are the big cause of increasing these fatty tissues, so you should avoid it.

Second solution to reduce male breast can be achieved by exercise. But make sure that you are not going to do thousands of pushups and heavy cardio. What you have to do is to do exercise of low intensity level. It has been experienced that bench pressing with heavier weights increases your chest rather than decreasing. So you should do bench press with low weights and more repetitions. You will be amazed to see that you are getting rid of your bulky chest in no time.

The third and the last solution for the male breast reduction is the combination of the above two solutions. If you take the above food and do the exercise as discussed above, then it will become more efficient. So you need to get a right guide, because different guides about the nutrition are available online. Some of them are right and some are wrong. Choose those manuals which talk about the nutrition and home food which can melt your fatty tissues. So breast reduction is not a difficult task if you know well about what you are doing and what you are taking in your food?

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